by on Sep.11, 2005, under game reviews, gaming, mods, pc

dyscorps move out!

Dystopia is a brand new HalfLife Source Mod, fusing Shadowrun with CounterStrike. These guys have done such an amazing job. Hats off to their prowess and execution!

Its quite kinetic, but certainly not shallow. There are different loadouts, roles and goals baked into the game. If you try it, check out the player guide to figure out the innards, as its not totally apparent how things are done.

I particularly liked the objectives listed as waypoints during gameplay. This means that one can join up in the middle of the action and know exactly what needs to be done. On the negative side, I’m not entirely sure what the actual purpose to the missions actually are. The objectives seem somewhat arbitrary, other than to “win”. But don’t let that stop you, its one of the most lavish and appealing mods I’ve played in a very long time. Again, congratulations to Team Dystopia! So stop reading and go try it!!!

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