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by on Oct.28, 2005, under game reviews, gaming, pc


I have an assortment of posts on the backburner, but in the interests of maintaining a pulse here, I just decided to share some 2-line reviews of some of the new stuff I’ve tried in the last month. In case you’re interested :

Age of Empires III : A very, very pretty yet shockingly un-innovative version of AOE 2. Tweaks abound, but not much more, except for a very repetitive soundtrack.

Fun Factor : I liked AOE2 a lot, and the challenge is decent. So yeah!

Myst V : Sad to say, this last chapter in the Myst universe has the worst graphics of all of them. You’d think the engine was Lithtek. Having said that, I’m enjoying the challenge. A must for Myst-fans, a myss for everyone else.

Fun Factor : I cannot disguise my disappointment, but I intend to tough it out.

Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory : With the Amon Tobin soundtrack, absolutely kickass visuals, one could not go wrong with SC:CT. The odd spike of console-itus mars the feeling a little, but all in all a masterpiece of production by a fine studio.

Fun Factor : Hard to put it down! Every corner is lavishly created, and pulls you in. So great, I love Splinter Cell.

F.E.A.R. : Haven’t delved too deeply into the latest FPS favourite, but surely impressive (if not a little gruesome).

Fun Factor : Firefights are spectacularly intense, and its a challenging and interesting experience.

Guild Wars : Not new, but new(er) to me. The “all instance all the time” model defies the “massively” in this MMO for me. Its treats you with a lush environment with interesting combat, quests, and gorgeous player models… and punishes you for having invisible walls and absolutely no JUMP!! Arrhhh!!

Fun Factor : Do I care about the plight of the Regents of Ascalon? Not really, LOL. I paid for this diversion, and thats what I got.

Having an interest in design theory and computer games, I thought it interesting to do somewhat of a survey of top-selling games for my own edification. There’s even a contest going on out there, although I confess it might be a little out of my reach to evaluate 100 PC Games!

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