Carmack Pulls a 180

by on Feb.02, 2006, under games programming, pc, xbox

photo from joystiq

“The Xbox360 will be id’s primary development platform.” – John Carmack.

All I can say is, “Did I read the article right??”

This is the man that popularized OpenGL and brought the opensource mindset into the hearts of the general public. Before the upstart iDSoftware, virtually no one had released the sourcecode for a hit commercial game before (to my knowledge).

PC Gaming would likely not be where it is today if it weren’t for iD’s efforts… I know its probably not true, but does it sound like to you that iD is abandoning the PC?

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  • Kafka

    I agree with some of what you're saying, but you're forgetting that there are many facets of gaming, party-gaming being one of them.

    To suggest that one mode will supplant the other is stretching things quite a bit. I agree that we'll see a greater emphasis on gaming as a living room activity, but it won't even chink the armour of the solitary gamer that interacts exclusively online.

    In this case, Carmack's focus is on Microsoft's development tools and not specifically gameplay. Probably rightly so, too. Microsoft is the unquestioned leader in this area.

    Thanks for your thoughts...
  • Nelson Yee

    Not really a surprise -- I think that attitude is actually getting more prevalent as developers get tired of having to aim for lowest common denominator hardware. Obviously PC gaming isn't going anywhere, but I think as consoles become closer and closer to multimedia machines, thrown in as an extra component in the home entertainment system along with the DVD player and stereo, the concept of a bunch of people sitting in front of individual monitors to play will seem more and more archaic. I think it was the Nintendo next-gen system where the creator of it or whatever made that most explicit with his ridiculous remote/controller, but I kind of like the shift. As more and more people get into games who aren't tech-heads, I think you'll see a shift of the "socialization locus" back to the living room. Maybe that's not what Carmack is thinking, but I think that's a definite benefit to his move to focus on the console. That said, his current games still seem popular strictly with a hardcore gamer element that probably wouldn't care about that stuff.

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