Give me Gameplay or Give me Death!

by on Mar.03, 2006, under game reviews, gaming, geek culture

As a positively rabid fan of the new Battlestar Galactica series, I was picqued by a mod-team that’s creating an arcade-style space sim based on the BSG universe. Its a natural fit for a space shooter, since the show itself pulls no punches in its attempt to create a truly visceral space opera.

The mod itself uses a very old engine, Freespace, to create the graphics and environments. Thats the thing about space shooters since the dawn of X-Wing and Wing Commander – space is easier to capture in a videogame because you need only create a static starfield for the backgrounds (and the odd nova, planet or other spacey kinda stuff).

I’m an example of an untapped market. I love BSG, so would love to hit a game that lets me experience it in a new way. I’m also an old fan of X-Wing and WC, so a new space shooter is long overdue. So when a new game comes along that promises to deliver on this demand, I’m ready to pay for it. And notice that nowhere do I mention that I’m looking for “hyper-realistic graphics” in this formula. In this way, I don’t care what it looks like! As long as I get to hotdog my way to victory, I’m happy.

Check the video [13mb]. Proof that super-awesome-hyper-real grafix are simply not required. As long as whats there looks correct, its all good. Sometimes I wonder if anyone notices that, too.

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  • Kafka

    I like how this mod is a counterpoint to the slower paced space sims of recent memory. Wing Commander was fun in the day, just like X-Wing. Am I alone in saying its time for an updated space shooter? For now, this mod is the best show in town. (hopefully!)

    devil - I so agree about the new cylon raiders. BSG is a great show so I guess it can't be perfect.
  • thedeviluno

    Im a big fan of BSG. That said I hate the design of the Cylon ships. A face? lol who decided that was a good idea? Anyways this freespace mod looks cool. Lord knows there arent nearly enough Space Sims
  • b1alpha

    Hahah, those are older looking graphics. That said, I understand where you are comming from and also like bfg, and those were some intense laser battles on the screener.

    I remember playing freespace it wasnt so hot, and this sim reminds me of that star shooter that had mark hamill doing voice overs, WingCommander! It would be hard to pull me over from my slick looking EVE game, but I would see if the gameplay was enough and give it a try.

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