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Yup, thats what its called. Not, “revolution” as we’ve come to know it. But “Wii”. Iconic, unique, and something pushed out and slightly to the left as Nintendo seems to want to do these days.

Do I like it? No! Do I get it? I think I do. Its Nintendo wanting to be totally Nintendo and nothing but. In some dusty city Walmart I bet people try to buy “PS 360s”… so maybe this is the way Nintendo asserts its shelfspace. Something that’s impossible to confuse with anything else.

Prevent brand confusion. Make something unique thats Nintendo. If thats one of their goals, then I believe it’s spot-on. It will serve that purpose justly and reliably. Will we be making fun of the name this time next year?

Doubtful… we’ll all be playing Zelda. 🙂

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  • Kafka

    This story refutes the refutation.
  • Kafka

    4 separate stories posted on Slashdot's main page, almost fifty gameblogs (that I know of) had a post about it, Gamasutra article, IGN interview.... and for what? A name. And now everyone knows the name.

    Yeah, I think they succeeded in their goals. And it cost them *nothing*.

    Changing it now would undo all of that and send the world into cataclysm. Really, UNO, you should know that Nintendo won't destroy the planet!
  • thedeviluno

    well it just strikes as Lame but remember all the publicity this has spawned, nothing is official until E3 or at least until there are boxes on the shelves. Keep in mind that letting the Fans Vent now will create more love at release and beside iPod has the rights on that undercapitilzed i. So does two ii's make it better or infringe COPYrights?
  • Kafka

    My post was hot on the heels of the announcement, so it was at least somewhat accurate... but do you have a link to that joystiq article?

    I know there are rumours around (I think Slashdot had something on it), but nothing is substantiated. For all the attention the issue has gotten, they'd look awfully dumb to go back now wouldn't they?
  • thedeviluno


    Nintendo has not taken out any trademarks on this brand. See joystick for the full article.
  • Kafka


    Nice one. 🙂
  • b1alpha

    Oh my gosh! Wii thats just like WWIII they are declairing war on the world of video games!

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