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by on Jul.15, 2006, under consoles, games industry


Its official. I’m sick of shopping malls. Since moving to Sydney, I have been marched into the cavernous maw of capitalist frenzy almost daily. Suffice to say, its been a challenge to my usual intrepidity. And each time, in a fit of sheer exhaustion and a stark, penetrating need to maintain some semblance of sanity…

…I find myself in EB.

Games here are extremely expensive, but still I have oft-visited this dayglow nest of the ultra-nerd. It’s irresistable. And recently, I chanced upon the ‘once a year’, mega-super-clearance sale.
Guitar HeroPS2 for 186$ Aus? That’s not too bad. It was tantalizing to think, actually. Finally able to play Guitar Hero (and perhaps, just perhaps, beat my friend, Headcrash). Finally able to play Wipeout. Metal Gear. Shadow of the Collosus. Mmmmm….

The list goes on and on. And I might have had one nestled sweetly under my arm had they not been out of stock. But something in me also twigged. Was I selling out, resistance waning into vapour? So I didn’t buy one. Yes, I just finished saying they were out of stock, but I wanted you to think that I had victoriously resisted the evil wiles of Sony. And Microsoft. And Nintendo.

Um, did you guys hear me? I almost bought a console. Can you imagine my state of mind, now?

So yeah, I’ve now got a PSP.

And the clearance sale beckoned. 2 movies (PSP) for 15$. PSP Tomb Raider. A couple of 10$ PC clearance games based on the faintest wisp of memory that they were actually worth playing. Riddick. Dungeon Lords. BF2 Special Forces. It would have continued, this massive geek orgy, had Mel not dragged me out of the store.

I went home, installed the lot. It was all a close call. I think the PSP is as close to console-dom as I’ve come in a long time. I never even owned an Atari. I’ve since returned to the same store in Bondi three more times… resisting the temptation again, each time. Or was I just checking their stock? 🙂

Is it only a matter of time?

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  • Kafka

    Nelson, please read the post again... I suppose I meant it to be funny, but my poor writing skills have failed me again. As for the "some games are better for console" part, isn't that sort of stating the obvious? Or am I missing something, too?
  • Kafka

    Oh yeah..the sweet temptation of the console is indisputable. The church of the PC is under direct assault by these console zealots.

    Be strong, my brothers!!!
  • b1alpha

    Hahah headcrash beard! haha

    I duno, nhl hits on the xbox was goot remember that summer we played tonnes of console. I think that its healthy to have other weedios than your main squeeze. Ya know?
  • Nelson Yee

    What's with the console hate? I don't get it. There are just some games that play a lot better on the console, and some that are better designed for the PC, although I'm sure with newer interface methods, something's bound to catch on that'll replace the mouse-keyboard PC gaming scheme.
  • Justin

    Spend ten minutes playing an FPS on a console and you'll understand why it was a waste of $189AU.
  • Headcrash

    Go ahead, buy your console. You will never defeat me! Muahahahahah!

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