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by on Sep.01, 2006, under FPS, gaming, pc

Thanks to the continued excellence of Valve, we get an old favourite from the Quake era, Team Fortress 2! I just had to show it. We suspect that it was featured for a select audience at either PAX or Leipzig. I’m surprised that this hasn’t seen a broader release.

I think I like the promo as much as I’ll like the game!

Words won’t do this justice. You have to see it to believe it.

Source : YouTube.

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  • Justin

    I was going to try Seed for the 14 day trial, but to do so you actually had to provide a credit card number and subscribe for a month. You could cancel during the 14 days and pay nothing, but I thought it was a scummy trick to get you paying and not cancel through inertia or lack of attention.

    Too bad. It really does have a distinctive style that would be cool to hang out in for a while.
  • covert.c.

    I agree. Where most games have a sense of style, the question is whether the style is "good". 🙂


    I also like the style in the new MMORPG, Seed.


    Valve has some of the best shader guys and animators in the business. Despite numerous delays and frustration in the gamer community over Team Fortress 2, seeing this makes me instantly forgive them.


    I recommend picking up a copy of "Half Life 2 : Raising the Bar". A well-made peek inside Valve's design process.
  • Justin

    Yep, looks amazing, and one of the few games I can think of with a sense of style.
  • Brass

    I agree, it opens up for some extra silliness like the engineers auto gun. Is it supposed to have a leveling factor?
  • digi

    Yah, I like the cartoony-ness. We've seen to many games come out that go for the high realism factor, this looks much more fun!
  • covert.c.

    That's exactly what I was thinking about the models, too.
  • Ellery

    I'm not a gamer, but very well done. I do like the "incredibles" like character models.

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