Guildwars Factions Sketchbook

by on Sep.15, 2006, under computer graphics, mmorpg

Guild Wars Factions


AreaNet’s artist team posted some samples of their sketchbook for ‘Guild Wars : Factions’. If you’re interested, there’s more available from the Guild Wars homepage.

By user tinfoil - AreaNet   By user tinfoil - AreaNet

I am entranced.


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  • Justin

    Why do you think the instancing is a downside? I'm finding that it removes a lot of grinding gameplay, since it's not possible to do things like resourcing (mining, skinning) that made WoW so workmanlike.
  • covert.c.

    The artwork in-game is truly quite exquisite, as I said before it's my favourite part. I have lots to say about Guildwars as a game and an MMORPG, but perhaps I'll leave it for a future post.


    I'd recommend giving it a try if you're looking for a nice diversion. It's very soloable. The world is totally vast.


    One downside is that it's a hub-centered multiplayer model where all content is instanced.
  • Justin

    The artwork is sweet, and if I felt confident that it translated to the world, I would think about trying it.


    I wonder if you couldn't construct a whole world that was visually attractive enough for a non-action storyline--just exploring the world, talking to the various NPCs and such finding and assembling things...
  • covert.c.

    Yes, GW:Factions was released. The sketchbook is just a glimpse into the developmental palette, as it were.


    I like the aesthetic of Guildwars, actually. It's the strongest element of the game IMHO.
  • b1alpha

    This factions, was that not already released? These futuristic cities and I saw a ninja in the art work. Where is this all comming from, is Factions set in the future? I like the artwork, it seems like its just all over the place, truely concept.

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