Game consoles are the new soft drink.

by on Feb.21, 2007, under consoles, nintendo, playstation, wii, xbox360

I made three images, summing up my thoughts on “now-gen”.

apple nintendo wii

Click below for a couple more…

xbox360 coke

ps3 pepsi

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  • tennis gamer

    I think the most delicious is the apple Wii. The pepsi logo never entice me in the first place.
  • digi

    I just came back from a "game party". Two large rooms in a house, one with a very large screen TV and the other a DLP projector and screen. We had three systems, my new little $100 PS2, a wii, and an xbox 360.

    I am proud to say that while the 360 was used for only a couple matches of gears of war early on and the wii room was used minimally by people who needed a break, my little PS2 *rocked that damn party* with 2 guitar controllers and guitar hero II.

    I'll admit the only games we had for the wii were the built in boxing/tennis/golf/bowling/etc. Man, those games suck! I wasn't impressed at all with that wii in any way. The controls were totally laggy and the graphics were so 2000.
  • Sean

    seeing the wii with an apple logo makes me want to go buy one now
  • digi

    I bought a PS2 slim and GH. Woohoo!
  • Uno

    Wing Commander was awesome.
  • covert.c.

    I know this sounds crazy, but I got excited when they announced Wing Commander for the 360 this week. WC was essentially the first game I ever installed on a PC I owned. 🙂
  • DEVILEDSchrödinger box for sale - cat may or may not be included.

    I just got my hands on my dad's PS2, we swapped for my cube. Im looking forward to playing some exclusive titles, like GodofWar. The Wii is extremely popular with my 5yr old. She plays Marvel Ultimate Alliance every day. She always picks the Femme Fatal team for the bonus damage. Ms. Marvel Invisible Woman Electra Storm. The problem with new consoles is the total lack of a library of games.
  • covert.c.

    It's also interesting that there is a serious after-market interest in the PS2. Part fuelled by Guitar Hero's popularity (and other well-polished titles) and the exorbitant price of the PS3. The fact that digi, who has sworn off many forms of mass entertainment, is yearning for a console is very telling of the sorry state that Sony is in with "next-gen".

    Perhaps the disaster that is the PS3 is a complex ploy by Sony to keep selling the PS2!
  • covert.c.

    By all means get a Wii, but keep in mind that it is more toy than serious entertainment machine. A party toy, at that.
  • digi

    The hot game for me for 2006/2007 is Guitar Hero on the PS2. I've never had so much fun or spent so much time on a console game. Now with GH2 out, it's even better. Play head to head or as part of the same band. I've never been compelled to purchase a console system... until now.
  • Justin

    Crap, now I want a Wii. You nailed my amygdala and my olongata at the same time, crushing my resistance.

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