The Death of Computer Games (magazine)

by on Mar.27, 2007, under books, games industry, geek culture

A series of business miscues… and the last vestiges of a rational gaming press have finally succumbed to the forces of stupidification.

Computer Games Magazine, my favourite magazine in the industry (and quite possibly, ever) has fallen. It takes with it another promising venture, Massive Magazine.

Tom Chick, Henry Jenkins, Cindy Yans, and a host of other fantabulous writers and illustrators will now presumably move to other places to share their insights (or hilarity, depending on which you’re looking for).

It’s hard to describe what a stunning loss this is for me. I even shipped a select boxload of back-issues to Australia. And up until this month, a nice treat would arrive monthly in my email – the digital edition.

It was a magazine that reinforced the notion that games are not just for teenagers and nut-jobs, but “normal” adults like you and I (yeah right!).

Many people have had their say, so I’ll just post a couple comments from CGOnline’s forums.

CG, ye will be missed. Massive, we barely knew ye.


It’s official: this site is dead – 2007/03/14 04:01

The magazines (both CGM and Massive) and the site are both dead. The April issue will be the last one. See Gamasutra

and The Escapist

Re:It’s official: this site is dead – 2007/03/14 04:16

I am so very sorry. I hope a “White Knight” picks up the magazines. Both are unique; CGM is not written for the socially challenged 13 year old market, and the MMO genre is ripe for a dedicated magazine.

I enjoyed Steve B.’s editorials, editorial direction, and editorial skills. I also enjoyed seeing Cindy’s considerable growth as a writer over the years.

Re:It’s official: this site is dead – 2007/03/15 05:55 =(

I’ll feel stranded without them, although I suppose I’ve always known a good game when I see it anyway. Still, it’s comforting to have a second opinion that’s always witty and aligns with your views on games. Notice how gyro remains ambiguous, even when we know what he’s doing? genius. He has the makings of a little megalomaniac. ~paladriver in a topic about piracy I should go look up those words… >_> ~GyRo567

Re:It’s official: this site is dead – 2007/03/15 18:09
This is dissapointing. Computer Games was one of the few (possibly only?) magazines that didn’t cater to the assinine spike TV demographic that the gaming community is stereotyped into. Heavy on text and ideas, low on screenshots and gratuitous swearing this mag will be missed.

I’ll be looking for where the writers go though, Cindy Yans, Steve Bauman and Tom Chick are some of the best gaming writers out there.

Re:It’s official: this site is dead – 2007/03/15 19:04 Agreed, agreed, agreed.

I am too sad and angry to say anything else.

Take care, all. I’ll see you on Quarter to Three.

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  • GyRo567

    I found myself on Google. Cool.

    I must apologize for my signature being in there. It kind of just flows straight into the post.
  • b1alpha

    time to post!
  • b1alpha

    That name itself must be worth a lot of money though, I can't possibly imagine in a thousand years that this is the end of computer games magazine. Not by a long shot, I strongly forsee that magazine becoming a superpower with new life in the next little while. The purchase of that name from a wise and wealthy millionaire is imminent.
  • covert.c.

    Heh..I think he was referring th "Massive" mag which was launched earlier this year. The first issue had articles by Richard Bartle, Richard Garriot, Raph Koster, Brad McQuaid, Brett Todd, Nick Yee, and Rob Pardo.

    I'll give dragko some cred here - when you talk about MMOs, it's almost impossible not to mention WoW. It's the cosmic background radiation for this industry.

    My contention is yes, talk about it. Talk about what made it good. Talk about all the elements that convened to make it such a success. Then talk about where it went wrong. Then expand beyond it.

    So next post... lets talk about WoW. I wanna hear what you have to say about it.
  • digi

    Yeah really what are you talking about?? Check that date, dude. In 1988 those acronyms were a decade away from even being invented.
  • covert.c.

    You evidently didn't read the magazine...
  • dragko

    MMO mag? More like WOW mag. If they put serious thought into some other games rather than WOW. (Although that is a huge market so why would they) I would have been impressed.
  • b1alpha

    They will be missed! There goes another awesome company, the sponsorships and enrichment of so many minds.

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