Re-re-re-activating the blog and welcoming 2009!

by on Jan.03, 2009, under games design

I’m jumping off the fence for a while on the gameblogging thing, and thought that perhaps rather than just idly thinking my thoughts about Games, I should just post them!

So covertcreations is back and I’m not liking the look of this site anymore. I intend on making a few custodial changes and fixing it up again! Is this a new years resolution? I hope not, or it will never get done! Hah!

My Top Five Memorable Gaming Moments of 2008 :

5. Leading a guild in World of Warcraft.

I had a reasonably strong guild in Warcraft (Bonechewer) only because as a rogue, the chances of being invited to raids was very low. So I decided that starting groups gave me a better chance, and for better or for worse I ended up with a guild out of it. Good times through 2008. Weird times, too. Warcraft is a game of rather broad scope, and the polish makes it enjoyable to play. However, the strong social vector that is present can be a boon and a bust for many things. The role of guild leader that I found myself in taught me a bit of politics and annoyingly, a lot of skill in appeasement. I’ll write more guild anecdotes later, but for now Warcraft was firmly entrenched in my gaming life in 2008…

4. Casual games on Facebook.

I went from Srabulous to Scramble to Word Twist and Word Challenge. Ultimately, the best game was ‘Who has the biggest brain”. Unfortunately for me, I plateaued at a certain stage with no hope of ever beating some of my esteemed facebook friends, as one is a certified genius from high school that routinely memorized entire encyclopedias and solved rubik’s cubes in under 20 seconds. AD&D made a brief appearance on FB this year as well. It was an aborted turn-based questing game that was somewhat entertaining, if not a little flawed. What one COULD do on Facebook with D&D gets my gears turning. More on that later!

3. RSA lose the token deal to VASCO on the Blizzard Authenticators.

Ouch. I was hoping this was a big chance for RSA to get into gaming security. Alas, to no avail. We are just too expensive for Blizzard. Vasco won it, and now you can do 2-factor authentication into Warcraft. And as I said a long time ago – this is GOOD security!

2. Not being able to log into WARHAMMER after changing my password!

WAR was interesting and entertaining. But I was really pissed that after changing my password that I could no longer log in. After hiatus, I’m sure I will return. However my friends in the game seem to be already trickling back to WoW. I’d like to see some good Planetside-style MMO action in WAR, but I don’t have my hopes up. And I’m only level 7 or something… who has time for all this stuff?


1. Counterstrike!

So with my new leet gaming rig, I decided to log CS:S for a night. And I haven’t stopped! It’s crazy and intolerable just like it ever was, however it’s still a boatload of fun that I can’t seem to give up. Really, I wonder.. how OLD is this game??

So there you have it. My top 5 list for the year and the first content post in at least 2!

Happy New Year! 🙂

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