Planetside 2???

by on Sep.29, 2009, under FPS, games design, mmo

I would very, very, very much welcome this.

According to RPS, this may be in the works. Per

As a somewhat seasoned (but inexpert) Planetside player (CR4), Planetside had a great mix of teamplay, massive battles, and a wide variety of individual player choice (specializations, vehicles, objectives). It’s probably one of my favourite games of all time. I moved on when it was clear the game was dying a slow death (empty servers, etc.).

My thinking on PS2:

  • A PVE axis that contributed to the overall battle (and your XP). This was planned for, and never implemented in the original. There was a real lack of solo content in PS, and this would have really helped.
  • Better base design, thus removing the layout silliness that players would exploit. Also base placement was a huge problem, very odd design decisions were made in that regard.
  • Better LFM/LFG system. Enough of the hunting for extra squad members.
  • Proximal VOIP system would allow you to shout at nearby players to get them moving. Teamspeak was great if you were already grouped, however the whole server couldn’t be on your TS server.
  • If the game has a “Command” specialization that allowed them special privilege to direct the battle, then reward players who following your orders. This would ecourage better organization and get groups moving in the same direction. Having more people on one side of a battle made all the difference.
  • Reward the support activities of players who chose to perform roles that don’t involve battle. The ANT drivers and the GAL pilots should be encouraged, not excluded.
  • Outfit/Guild Housing is absolutely required. The implementation of Outfits was an aborted design, obviously. There must be clear benefits to joining an Outfit and sticking with it. And then rewarding the successful ones. A game built around teamplay should structure itself around the entire concept of “Team”.

The list goes on, now that I start thinking about it. Planetside was THE GAME that realised the goal of most MMO games. Massive battles, massive coordination, esprit de corps, and most of all, fun! I miss that game.

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  • covert.c.

    I remember these elements from BF2 (never played 2142) and I definitely agree they are valid solutions.

    I think there are many lessons to be learned from "smaller" games like these and apply them to massive games like Planetside. (Calling BF2/2142 as 'small' is obviously a misnomer, they were complex but only smaller relationally to the massiveness that is Planetside).

    I'd have to revisit BF2 with this in mind to see if there are other ideas that could be incorporated into a possible PS2.
  • Justin

    Battlefield 2 and 2142 worked out most of these issues, so I don't see why PS2 wouldn't steal their solutions. They reward squad and side command when players follow your orders, you get points for healing or supplying other players, you get badges worth lots of points for doing things like transporting players, and they allowed server admins to set rules like "join a squad in 90 seconds or you're auto-kicked", so it was possible to enforce a certain ethos of play.
  • covert.c.

    Some rumours are already out saying this is a PS3 game. Yeah the thought of an FPS game being PS3-exclusive is patently ridiculous.

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