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by on Jun.29, 2010, under consoles, game reviews, games design, playstation

It appears that I’ve got my gaming-mojo back. In defense of my nominal nerd quotient, I’ll insist it was never lost, however the pesky realworld-o-sphere forced its ugly hand and dragged me away from all things gaming. At any rate, I’m BACK, with new toys… A PS3. My first console ever. This is exciting, well, it’s exciting to me. I own a Wii, but that doesn’t count. Sorry, Nintendo.

So, in the spirit a reducto of my gaming ways, I’d like to start sharing what’s been baking in my gaming oven of doom…


This game languished on my wishlist for 6 months. Once the wait was over, however…

Firstly, choosing a character RPG-style in a shooter is not a new concept, yet unleashing fury (in a hell hath no kinda way) with a hitcounter fountaining forth from your enemies with every bullet impact, is decidely unique. Every character has a special ability, and in my Soldier’s case it was a deployable turret. Highly useful, as it turned out, really providing something to hide behind (my eyes clenched tightly shut) as the bullets and grenades rained down around me. My girlfriend chose the Siren and her shadow-walk, blasting enemies with every phase-in/phase-out, heroically saving me time and again as I cowered behind the ubiquitous crates, overturned cars, or (as it turned out) exploding barrels.

And did I say we had fun? From the design, it’s clear this game was intended for co-op play. Teaming up to venture forth into the world of Pandora, replete with quests, baddies and loot, was heaps thereof. The thrills came quickly, sprinkled with the right amount of challenge, hunt puzzles and boss fights. As we discovered the rare and epic weapons, our spirit of teamwork gradually morphed into co-opetition as ammo stores and upgrades found their way into our grimy inventories.

I truly wanted to keep going and going beyond the end-game. But the bad news : the PS3 DLC is fundamentally BROKEN! It cannot be loaded into the game by any means (that I can figure)… many drive wipes, replays and frustration didn’t get me any closer to Zombie Island. Trolling the forums was no help, alas my dreams of continued journeys through Pandora seem hopeless. And an added disappointment to learn there will never be a disc-based expansion of Borderlands on the PS3, ever… oh well, it was fun while it lasted. A lot of it.

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