Postfacto Ruminations on [P]enny [A]rcade E[x]po

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Postfacto Ruminations on [P]enny [A]rcade E[x]po


PAX! PAX! PAX! Oh my goodness, since when did I become a convention go’er?

Actually, only now realising that I’ve been to a couple. The first being a Star Trek convention in Vancouver circa 2000? Earned my nerd cred right there. And Quakecon in 2002? Smack during summer in Mesquite, Texas. Ergggh.

Fast forward circa 2014 and I popped my PAX cherry. That sounds worse than it is. I do have to say, it’s great for gamers and non-gamers because it embraces all platforms, all media, both digital and non-digital. From the exhibition displaying Australian indie games (and their devs), big name releases, demos and of course tabletop.

I’ve always enjoyed the Penny Arcade guys. We’d share their comics between us right after WoW was released (2004?). Longtime fan, so I guess it makes sense that I’m up for their conference.
Now that I’ve bored you with a little backstory, here are my highlights and impressions.

Personal Highlights

  • Warren Specter’s Keynote. Great to hear him speak, and his perspective was interesting. One theme was the notion that videogames will supplant movies and TV into the 21st century. “Seeing such a shift only happens once every hundred years. We are privileged to be living through such a rare event.”
  • The Witcher 3 story producer’s talk on quest design in The Witcher 3. Yeah, I’m fanboy but it was still interesting!

The Great

  • Star Wars Battlefront. Twas a treat to see new maps and modes. This looks like a great Star Wars game, thanks Dice!
  • Dark Souls III
  • The Freeplay Console Gaming Lounge
  • The Australian Indie zone
  • Cosplayers, Cosplayers Everywhere

The Not-so-great

  • Really loud gaming events, particularly on terrible (terrible!) small PA rigs.
  • Reports of widely available content being shown in limited access booths. Fallout 4, lookin’ at ya.
  • All but one Vive demo system was broken by the last day. Does not bode well for a consumer release!

The Ugly

  • The timing. I like Melbourne for certain things, but having PAX on the same weekend as Melbourne Cup horserace? Talk about jacked up hotel prices and the worst culture clash one could imagine. Also my ability to build costumes is limited since I have a yearly work conference in the U.S. a mere two weeks prior.

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