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Buzzing about the GW2 Buzz

by on Aug.12, 2010, under games design, gaming, mmo, mmorpg

(Thanks for the video link, Mr. Headcrash)

Can I say Nextgen? Oops, I just did. I hate that word. Thank-you Areanet for kicking the bar aside and ratcheting up a whole new one.

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And Guildwars, Two.

by on Jul.18, 2010, under computer graphics, games design, mmorpg, rpg

Oh Guildwars, how you disappointed.

There were so many good things about it, most notably the visuals, but also the interesting quests, fun combat, an innovative henchman system, cool spell-effects and general polish. For the time, all of these virtues seemed great when held up to WoW’s cartoony, cutesy style.

So what was the problem?

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Gamin’ on…

by on Jul.08, 2010, under consoles, game reviews, games design, playstation


Driving often makes me think about futurism. How will we be regarded by generations far ahead of us, peering into the soup of the 20th and 21st centuries? I think one of the least interesting aspects of our society is how horribly inefficient modern-day automobiles look and act. We’ve engineered and over-engineered a century-old technology that spends most of its time idle, slow, pollutive, noisy…

And weaponless.

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Impressions on (a not yet finished) LBP

by on Jul.03, 2010, under games design


It’s a tricky little thing. Tricky and weird. My early forays into LBP’s bouncy, plush little world have been entertaining and interesting. Under my girlfriend’s ever-patient tutelage, I’ve finally experienced what everyone else was blogging about last year. Do I love it? Well, there are so many good things about this odd little creation. The visual and quirky style, the polish, the kinked out puzzles and wacky kinetics are just so unique. I expected weird, but came away surprised.

In my clumsy state of console retardation, I die a LOT, I whine and wonder blankly at the wonky camera angles and impenetrable platform logic. The only time I seem to do well is when it’s clearly by accident, or when my lovely playmate rescues us by solving a puzzle or escaping the crocodiles.

This game doesn’t survive long play sessions. I’m used to extended sessions of play, interspersed with unhealthy episodes of bad food and caffeine, but I reach a marked distraction point with LBP. The cuteness wanes into frustration, my nominal attention span wanders. I don’t often care about what I’m doing as I nudge the little puppet along the various platforms, pitfalls and otherworld physical rules. However, jumping straight in for a short visit seems to work well. I get overwhelmed by cuteness, am entertained and challenged, and come away with an overall good impression.

I haven’t finished it. I probably will. My initial understanding was that this was a game of toolsets and creation, of which I have yet to plunder. I probably will. All said, LBP is a fun, interesting place. One I will visit often through my PS3’s journey.

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Gamin’ gamin’

by on Jun.29, 2010, under consoles, game reviews, games design, playstation

It appears that I’ve got my gaming-mojo back. In defense of my nominal nerd quotient, I’ll insist it was never lost, however the pesky realworld-o-sphere forced its ugly hand and dragged me away from all things gaming. At any rate, I’m BACK, with new toys… A PS3. My first console ever. This is exciting, well, it’s exciting to me. I own a Wii, but that doesn’t count. Sorry, Nintendo.

So, in the spirit a reducto of my gaming ways, I’d like to start sharing what’s been baking in my gaming oven of doom…


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Tera goes for Lowest Common Denom

by on Jun.03, 2010, under games design

This game gets suckier every time I see it mentioned.

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TERA : A New Fantasy MMORPG from the who-fucking-cares dept.

by on May.25, 2010, under games industry, mmorpg, pc

Oh TERA. You have polish. Evidently. You have production design. Evidently. You have swords, and elves and quests. Evidently.

And the only thing you could come up with is reticle-based dodge mechanics in combat? Really? No, I mean, Really??

The only way to beat WoW is to trivialize it by an excellent, forward-thinking game. Even playing copycat won’t get you further than an infinitessemal slice of the MMORPG market. What a waste of time!

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Thinking about thinking with Portals

by on Mar.24, 2010, under games design

An absolute treasure of an article from Game Informer.

An excellent peek at the upcoming sequel to everyone’s pet favourite, Portal, along with notes about the design of the game’s devious puzzles. I’m a huge lover of Portal, hearkening back to my first experience with the concept in the student-made prototype, Narbacular Drop.

Have a look, enjoy… just wanted to share it here.

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Pointclouds : Boon or Bust?

by on Mar.19, 2010, under computer graphics, games industry

Therein Lies the Problem

This is a video of “Unlimited Detail”, a new technology from the company of the same name. They introduce their way of representing (and displaying) 3D data in realtime. Here’s the video :

My comments to follow…
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Gbuzz. Love it!

by on Feb.14, 2010, under geek culture, meta

Sometimes, I want to blast out content easily. Actually, let me qualify that. Using the word content for what I post in Twitter or (now) Google’s Buzz is very much using the word loosely. 🙂
At any rate, I just want to blast out ‘stuff’ easily. Thoughts. Ideas. Sightings. Photos. Links. Rants. I think you get what I’m saying. I hope you get what I’m saying. When I joined Twitter in 2007, I thought that would be “the place” to do it. After a few years, I have found Twitter to be mind-numbingly AWFUL to use. 140-character limit? Photos in a separate place? Links shortened? Shitty clients as a gadget in the corner of my Gmail?

Now that Twitter has done the impossible and carved out a niche among even the most non-nerd of nerds out there, you’d think there’d be some improvements over what it was (in 2007). And as more and more tweets are beamed out, I have found the volume, the searchability, and the readership make it almost unusable. With the character-limit, many of the tweets I follow are abbreviated into something akin to a smear of text and letters from a ritalin-injected highschooler on their iphone. Do you understand this pain?

Google buzz. It’s clean. It’s easy. It’s integrated. And I could post this in Gbuzz if I wanted to. Twitter would look like… “#Googlebuzz i luv gbz bc it iz clean n coo oh n #twitter sucks 4 me”

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