It’s 2015! Time for a random post

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Yup it's NYC

Yup it’s NYC

Ah, another day (and year) in the gaming world. SOE gone! An actual VR platform is imminent (and will be so for a long, long time even post-release). Mobile gaming turned either experimental or cutesy.

What more is there? Well for me, I’m about to download Evolve. Other games on my 2015 horizon, in no particular order :

  • The Division : MMORPG meets cover-shooter meets post-apocalyptic New York. At PAX Australia, this was my personal highlight, absolutely.
  • The Witness : Jonathon Blow’s return to the Myst-style puzzler, whatever, it looks great.
  • Star Citizen : I played Elite Dangerous and was sorely disappointed after the VR novelty wore off. Worried SC might be similar but I’ll give it a shot.
  • Ghost of a Tale : A little adventure game as a dungeon-delving mouse, looks cute and fun.
  • Eve : Valkyrie : Will the VR novelty wear thin on this one? I’m willing to risk it…
  • The Witcher 3 : I kind of liked the Witcher 2, but after playing Dragon Age Inquisition, I wonder if my taste for openworld RPGs has faded (if it even really existed).
  • Battleborn : Jury is out on Gearbox’s upcoming MOBA but the trailer looked cool enough.
  • No Man’s Sky : Super-duper universe-scale exploration MMO, which sounds quite boring if my experience in Elite is anything to compare against.

And that’s about it. My next post will be a review of Evolve. If you’re excited about a game this year, leave a comment! I’d like to learn if I’ve missed anything awesome.

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Buzzing about the GW2 Buzz

by on Aug.12, 2010, under games design, gaming, mmo, mmorpg

(Thanks for the video link, Mr. Headcrash)

Can I say Nextgen? Oops, I just did. I hate that word. Thank-you Areanet for kicking the bar aside and ratcheting up a whole new one.

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Upcoming Game Excitement

by on Nov.05, 2009, under FPS, gaming, pc, rpg

All of these games are released, but I’m waiting for payday to start delving in. 🙂

#1 Dragon Age : Origins

From the RPG experts comes Dragon Age : Origins. The excitement I have for this has not waned over the years, in fact the various YouTube developer previews have exceeded my expectations. The combat looks plain fun, together with a rich detail in environments, spell effects and gritty melee action. It’s obviously a heavily story-driven game, so I’m hoping it isn’t too cutscene heavy. This is my next game purchase and I can’t wait to have a go!

#2 Torchlight

Torchlight came out of nowhere, and I’m honestly not sure where I heard about it. For the quick and fun Diablo-style dungeon crawl, this will be a nice ‘casual’ game to break out once in a while, as the content randomization doesn’t suggest I need to remember any story arc or quest objectives. I lament the lack of anything multiplayer, but I did enjoy it’s spiritual predecessor, “Fate”. Just something to tie me over until Diablo 3.

#3 Borderlands

This one got my attention recently. The “RPG and Shooter made a baby” tagline is an idea whose arrival was only a matter of time. The “RP Shooter” aspect is displayed readily, and is easily grasped right away. It’s a shooter, but as you ‘level up’ you’re obviously taking on bigger challenges and pouring out more damage and extra abilities. I like the idea of a small co-op mission-based style of game, ala Left4Dead. And I have to say the trailers are pretty funny.

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Massively online communities : the genre paradox II

by on Jan.24, 2007, under games industry, gaming, geek culture, mmo, mmorpg, new media, WoW

fitting communities together

As mentioned in my previous article, gamers expect a community from the game publisher. In a sense, this demonstrates the unique position of videogames in the landscape of entertainment. Consequentially, feedback and community become a cost of doing business.

I believe we’re quickly reaching the point where publisher-run communities no longer serve their purpose. The communities are too vast. Moreover, the gamers themselves have evolved toward a deeper level of sophistication. Gamers are the reason we’ve come this far, and we simply demand more.

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Narbacular Drop

by on Sep.12, 2006, under computer graphics, game reviews, gaming, indy, pc


Unfortunately Named HL2E2

Last month, footage for (the unfortunately named) Half life 2 : Episode 2 exploded onto the ‘net with tremendous speed and enthusiasm. And for good reason, too. The game looks fantastic, as we’ve come to expect. The interesting part of this story however, was not the continuing struggle of Alyx and Gordon Freeman, nor the next iteration of graphics and physics technology that the next chapter will have.

The excitement was about a little game that will be bundled alongside Episode 2. A little game called “Portal”.

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Team Fortress 2 Video

by on Sep.01, 2006, under FPS, gaming, pc

Thanks to the continued excellence of Valve, we get an old favourite from the Quake era, Team Fortress 2! I just had to show it. We suspect that it was featured for a select audience at either PAX or Leipzig. I’m surprised that this hasn’t seen a broader release.

I think I like the promo as much as I’ll like the game!

Words won’t do this justice. You have to see it to believe it.

Source : YouTube.

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Give me Gameplay or Give me Death!

by on Mar.03, 2006, under game reviews, gaming, geek culture

As a positively rabid fan of the new Battlestar Galactica series, I was picqued by a mod-team that’s creating an arcade-style space sim based on the BSG universe. Its a natural fit for a space shooter, since the show itself pulls no punches in its attempt to create a truly visceral space opera.

The mod itself uses a very old engine, Freespace, to create the graphics and environments. Thats the thing about space shooters since the dawn of X-Wing and Wing Commander – space is easier to capture in a videogame because you need only create a static starfield for the backgrounds (and the odd nova, planet or other spacey kinda stuff).

I’m an example of an untapped market. I love BSG, so would love to hit a game that lets me experience it in a new way. I’m also an old fan of X-Wing and WC, so a new space shooter is long overdue. So when a new game comes along that promises to deliver on this demand, I’m ready to pay for it. And notice that nowhere do I mention that I’m looking for “hyper-realistic graphics” in this formula. In this way, I don’t care what it looks like! As long as I get to hotdog my way to victory, I’m happy.

Check the video [13mb]. Proof that super-awesome-hyper-real grafix are simply not required. As long as whats there looks correct, its all good. Sometimes I wonder if anyone notices that, too.

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Slashdot Carnival Games

by on Feb.02, 2006, under gaming, geek culture, new media

The wide-roaming and mighty Slashdot Games guru, Zonk, has posted a monthly treasure of blogposts and articles on games. Read ’em on Slashdot’s “Carnival of Games“.

I wish I had known about this in advance or I would have at least tried to compose something of quality and submit it. Note that I said, “tried”. Succeeding is a whole other story. 🙂

In my opinion, Zonk’s doing a good job on Slashdot Games, I say this because Slashdot’s been getting a bit of a bum rap these days. From Diggers who say they’re too slow, and whiners that can’t filter out story dupes. Its good for what it is, a messageboard and meeting place. Like anything else, its what the community makes of it. I try to post regularly to games dot, and even submit a story once in a while. Nothing wrong with that.

Keep on’ keepin’ on, Zonk…

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Glancing at some greats

by on Oct.28, 2005, under game reviews, gaming, pc


I have an assortment of posts on the backburner, but in the interests of maintaining a pulse here, I just decided to share some 2-line reviews of some of the new stuff I’ve tried in the last month. In case you’re interested :

Age of Empires III : A very, very pretty yet shockingly un-innovative version of AOE 2. Tweaks abound, but not much more, except for a very repetitive soundtrack.

Fun Factor : I liked AOE2 a lot, and the challenge is decent. So yeah!

Myst V : Sad to say, this last chapter in the Myst universe has the worst graphics of all of them. You’d think the engine was Lithtek. Having said that, I’m enjoying the challenge. A must for Myst-fans, a myss for everyone else.

Fun Factor : I cannot disguise my disappointment, but I intend to tough it out.

Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory : With the Amon Tobin soundtrack, absolutely kickass visuals, one could not go wrong with SC:CT. The odd spike of console-itus mars the feeling a little, but all in all a masterpiece of production by a fine studio.

Fun Factor : Hard to put it down! Every corner is lavishly created, and pulls you in. So great, I love Splinter Cell.

F.E.A.R. : Haven’t delved too deeply into the latest FPS favourite, but surely impressive (if not a little gruesome).

Fun Factor : Firefights are spectacularly intense, and its a challenging and interesting experience.

Guild Wars : Not new, but new(er) to me. The “all instance all the time” model defies the “massively” in this MMO for me. Its treats you with a lush environment with interesting combat, quests, and gorgeous player models… and punishes you for having invisible walls and absolutely no JUMP!! Arrhhh!!

Fun Factor : Do I care about the plight of the Regents of Ascalon? Not really, LOL. I paid for this diversion, and thats what I got.

Having an interest in design theory and computer games, I thought it interesting to do somewhat of a survey of top-selling games for my own edification. There’s even a contest going on out there, although I confess it might be a little out of my reach to evaluate 100 PC Games!

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dyscorps move out!

Dystopia is a brand new HalfLife Source Mod, fusing Shadowrun with CounterStrike. These guys have done such an amazing job. Hats off to their prowess and execution!

Its quite kinetic, but certainly not shallow. There are different loadouts, roles and goals baked into the game. If you try it, check out the player guide to figure out the innards, as its not totally apparent how things are done.

I particularly liked the objectives listed as waypoints during gameplay. This means that one can join up in the middle of the action and know exactly what needs to be done. On the negative side, I’m not entirely sure what the actual purpose to the missions actually are. The objectives seem somewhat arbitrary, other than to “win”. But don’t let that stop you, its one of the most lavish and appealing mods I’ve played in a very long time. Again, congratulations to Team Dystopia! So stop reading and go try it!!!

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